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There's a pretty young lady sitting next to me
She shoots me a smile but I don't say a thing
Cuz I'm writing some things down that I can't stand to see

Like the poor man sitting round beggin' for change
It's a numbers game it's a fast food chain
And no one knows where he goes when it starts to rain

Women and minorities scared to death
Making lesser wages getting choked for breath
There's a protest up in Harlem but I didn't show

Policeman searching my duffle bag
As I stand aside calmly smoking a fag
Cuz all he'll find is gym socks rubbers and orange peels

Oh Darling, Darling the postcard read
The mood here's soured and it's gone to my head
Why don't we follow all those birds heading South
It may be better there, but I still have my doubts

The moustache kids thinking they're all slick
Cuz they style themselves like our father's did
And nothing can keep the band from calling it quits

I heard a haggler fighting over 69 cents
I'm like goddamn lady you could pay my rent
Those rims were shining bright on her brand new Benz

Accent women pushing round other people's kids
No money left in this record biz
They all scream out loud IT IS WHAT IT IS WHAT IT IS

Locals and the transplants cursing in vain
Cuz the neighborhood's changed it don't look the same
But we can all get behind the new Ball team

The Donkeys and the Elephants duking it out
Pissing all of us off in their heavyweight bout
And the 24 hour news ain't worthy a damn

Oh Darling Darling…

Teachers here teaching your trouble making kids
Getting pensions cut cuz the union quit
Colleges making 'em pay but there ain't no work

Look over there it's a condo rising
Kicking old tenants out and it ain't surprising
The TF Gentry laughing all the way to the bank

We got grown dudes tapping on video games
I met 'em all once but can't remember their names
Someone give me good news before I go insane

The hardhat boys got a new task at hand
Turning history's hood into Disneyland
But Minnie's got 4 young kids and Mickey's Upstate

Jesus on his way back stops to look
At the beautiful stars before the whole earth shook
And snipers shooting down wolves from their copter seats

Oh Darling Darling…


from Ended Up Making Love, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


MiWi La Lupa Omaha, Nebraska

Miwi La Lupa is a Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist from Buffalo, NY now living in Omaha, by way of New York City. He is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.
He is an original member of New York bands Red Baraat, Thought, and Knights on Earth.
New Way Home LP & Ended Up Making Love on CD at the Team Love Shop
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